The Planets and Moons of Star Wars

I like Star Wars, Star Wars is set in space, my website is about space, hence I made a Star Wars thing for the website. The graphic shows all the planets and moons seen in the original (theatrical) trilogy to scale alongside the two Death Stars for good measure.

The sizes of the various bodies as found on are:

Tatooine10,465 kmPlanet
Alderaan12,500 km Planet
Death Star120 kmSpace Station
Yavin IV10,200 kmMoon
Yavin Prime198,500 kmPlanet
Hoth7,200 kmPlanet
Dagobah8,900 kmPlanet
Bespin118,000 kmPlanet
Endor4,900 kmMoon
Death Star II900 kmSpace Station

There are several different sizes given for the second Death Star depending on what source is used, these vary between 160km – 900+km but since we’re going on what was in the films and model scaling suggests it was larger than the first Death Star it’s more interesting to useΒ this version.

Also it’s interesting to note:

  • Alderaan, famous for being destroying in A New Hope, is the closest in size to the Earth with a diameter of 12,500 km vs Earth’s 12,742 km average diameter.
  • Hoth is larger, but still the closest in size to Mars, with a diameter of 7,200 km vs Mars’ 6,779 km.
  • Endor, the smallest of the bodies to appear in the original trilogy, has a diameter of 4,900 km which makes it very slightly larger than our solar system’s smallest planet, Mercury which has a diameter of 4,879 km.

Star Wars Planet Comparison

  • Of the gas giants seen in Star Wars, Bespin is very similar in size to Saturn (116,464 km average diameter) but is still quite a bit smaller than Jupiter (139,822 km), which in turn is much smaller than Yavin Prime, the largest planet to appear in the original trilogy.

Star Wars Gas Giants

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Correction: The initial article and graphic had the first Death Star sized with a 160 km diameter. This should have been 120 km, 160 km is the smaller given size of the second Death Star.