A Tour of the Moon

Tycho central peak - moon crater

NASA have released a video that provides the most detailed tour of the Moon to date. Using a mix of photos and computer simulation from data collected by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) it covers some of the the Moons most interesting features including the Orientale Basin, Tycho Crater (pictured above), Taurus Littrow Valley (the location of Apollo 17’s Lander and Rover) and some of the most detailed footage from the far side of the Moon.

The complete collection of clips used in the “tour” are available to download on the NASA site.

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  1. It would be great to get a close up view of the so called landings, to see did man ever did really land on the moon, which I do not believe when seeing some of the youtube videos showing that it was faked.
    john 14 year old

  2. This site is really amazing
    But i still don’t believe that man landed on moon even if man did land on the moon i don’t think that America was the first cuz the fake video that showed on tv man landing on moon was only made b cuz America wanted to be the first one.but i think Russia landed first so America made that fake video
    But still i don’t believe

  3. I absolutely love this site! I love space even more❤️ But one things that’s troubling me is that only 12 people have landed on the moon, and they are all men 🙁 I want to be the first Canadien girl (or women for when I’m older) to land on the moon. 🙂

  4. Life as a it’s so complete a need a very well formed planet’s as many kinds of variety world a will be one for us but as we watch with the telescope maybe on stage of be a life support since we are on the. Pass and what we see is the future by the time we make it there with a space shuttle a be ready to be in and some planet’s may be died by the time we make it there so we need a planet’s who’s are in progress to be life support

  5. thank you for the video i believe man has landed on the moon because of the photograph images proved it For a long time people did not beleive in the moon landing

  6. Interesting ..but are there any planets so far discovered that support life? And how many universes have so far been discovered?

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