How Big is the Sun? 1.3 Million Earths Visualised

The Sun

The Sun is large enough that approximately 1.3 million Earths could fit inside (if squashed in) or if the Earths retained their spherical shape then 960,000 would fit. But can you visualise that number of Earths?

1 Earth


99 Earths


900 Earths


Jupiter’s volume is roughly equal to 1,321 Earths, though Jupiter’s mass is equal to just over 317 Earths.

9000 Earths


10000 Earths


10000 Earths


10000 Earths


10000 Earths


50,000 Earths


111,965 Earths laid end to end from the Sun would reach out as far as Saturn (based on average diameter and orbit distance).

100,000 Earths


100,000 Earths


100,000 Earths


The Sun’s mass is equal to 333,060 Earths, this alone makes up 99.86% of the solar system’s mass.

100,000 Earths


100,000 Earths


100,000 Earths


100,000 Earths


100,000 Earths


60,000 Earths


This is how many Earths would fit inside the Sun while keeping their shape. Laid out end to end they would stretch 12.2 billion km, just 67% of the distance Voyager 1 has travelled.

40,000 Earths


One million Earths is comparable to just 0.00033% of the number of stars in the Milky Way (200-400 billion).

300,000 Earths


Congratulations you made it all the way, every Earth above symbolises one that would fit inside the Sun if they were all squished in. It’s probably safe to say the Sun is pretty big!

The Sun at the top of the page is to scale with every Earth after the first 1,000. They just under 6 pixels across and the Sun is 654 pixels across (about 109 times larger).

Sun Stats

Diameter: 1,392,684 kilometres
Circumference: 4,370,006 kilometres
Mass: 1.989 x 1030 kilograms
Volume: 1.41×1018 cubic kilometres

Earth Stats

Diameter: 12,742 kilometres
Circumference: 40,075 kilometres
Mass: 5.972×1024 kilograms
Volume: 1.08×1012 cubic kilometres

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  1. This is awesome! Trying to visualize the distances from the sun, visiting all the planets my son and I measured out to exact scale in a straight line. We walked over a mile and a half to get to Pluto! The sun was a soccer ball! I’m writing a book that will help kids to visualize time. I call it the DOT Book. I cover historical timelines by reducing a year to a DOT,…. and just like how you grouped your Earth’s to represent size, I used DOTs to represent time.

  2. I am trying to explain the vastness of space to my kids, and this helps thanks. Like David I have tried to demonstrate scale using fruit and beach balls, however I do not think you could fit 1.3 million grapes in side a beach ball, so may have to have rethink there.

    1. Yes, 1.3 million of anything would be hard to work with so you can try to show how big the sun is compared to the earth. You could try BB’s, but the same problem comes up of trying to work with them, to even put them somewhere in the same place to try to show just how large that is. But, if you go with something as small as a grain of sand, it’s not really awe inspiring for a kid, because they can go to a beach and see a huge amount of sand. So, most likely you would have to try to find something that would be small enough to work with, but also large enough that if they hold one in their hand, they would feel like they are actually holding something, not just a speck of dust or something like a grain of sand. I guess you could start with a BB, representing the earth, then show how many of those would make up either Saturn or Jupiter. Then from there, have them imagine how many Saturns or Jupiters would make up a Sun. That might be a better idea so you’re not having to work with 1.3 million BB’s, but still can build to something that is awe inspiring. Just an idea, hopefully that will help. Good luck with whatever you do!!

  3. I want to know more about solar system so please keep sending information . It would be wonderful if you let me se earth from your telescope if you have one. And I would like to meet your team members.Thankyou .

  4. This is amazing, I feel smaller and smaller as much as a learn about space. This is the earth, that all fights, all blood had been shed for it! Is it really worth for it? The sun and other stars, their sizes makes earth such tiny, not worthwhile to spend everything for it! Spend your time, energy for something more valuable, bigger…

  5. i love this site because it helps me with my project and i can learn about the solor system

  6. Absolutely mind boggling, I wish we knew more and had capabilities to get to other planets quicker,
    The truth is out there !

  7. Hi, happy earth the moon and the sun has fun time together an join as one that works as one. Its a lot if inscite knew a lot leard a lot with new info new page for educational information. Next am going to leard about the stars, are they from the moon broking pieces lol. I’ll find out an let the peoples know. Happy earth happy lives! 🙂

  8. What a wonderful and easy to undetstand way to put the facts of the solar system to a common man! Hats off to the creators of this website and the graphics there in. I have bookmarked this page.
    And, also an eye opener to us reminding our most insignificant size in the huge huge Universe.

  9. Well every one thinks that the sun is the “LARGEST THING IN THIS UNIVERSE” but type in largest star and it be nothing in comparison. In fact, the Sun is called the YELLOW DWARF star!!!

    Btw. The largest star is VY. Canis Majoris

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  11. If I could find out 3 things about the universe they would be……..Is god real and made the universe? Are we in a bubble and is there an end to the universe? Are there other planets with life of anykind?

    1. if you add the first earth it equals 100 same with the 1000 earths. you have to add the previous ones

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