Commander Hadfield’s ISS Tweets (Facts and Graphic!)

Commander Chris Hadfield’s Twitter account has provided some fantastic moments from the nearly 6 month he has spent in space most recently with the unforgettable Space Oddity. As something a little different I have taken a look at the top words from the 1,553(ish) tweets he made while on the ISS which are visualised in the image below, the more frequently a word was used the bigger it is. (Click to embiggen)

ISS Tweets

Of Commander Hadfield’s total 26,257 words 4,934 were unique and  the top 10 used words (found with Development Space’s wordcounter and excluding common words) were:

  1. Orbit – 95 mentions
  2. Like – 107 mentions
  3. Day – 112 mentions
  4. Finale – 127 mentions
  5. Station – 137 mentions
  6. Tonight – 141 mentions
  7. Morning – 159 mentions
  8. Good – 171 mentions
  9. Earth – 210 mentions
  10. Space – 269 mentions

Maybe there aren’t any big surprises there but now you know.

The graphic was created using AllMyTweets to get all the tweets from tweets from Commander Hadfield’s arrival at the ISS on the 22nd of December 2012 to the 13th of May 2013. Excel was then used to strip out URLs and a few other bits. Finally Tagxedo was to render all the words inside Invader Xan’s excellent ISS silhouette (used with permission) which you should absolutely check out.

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